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Website Security and Performance Optimization

Keeping your WordPress website secure is crucial in today’s online world. Every day thousands of WordPress sites get hacked due to weak security measures.

Is your website in need of enhanced security and improved performance? Look no further! With my service for Website Security and Performance Optimization, I offer comprehensive solutions to safeguard your web from security threats and ensure optimal speed and functionality.

This service will PROTECT YOUR SITE against unauthorized access from outside and setup 99.9% security measures for your Website / shop

Why Choose Us:

Our experts will implement industry-standard security measures such as-

  • Firewalls
  • Password protection
  • Security plugin installations
  • Regular backups, and more to keep your website safe from potential threats.
What you will get from this service:
  • Install top-notch security Plugin
  • Hardening security via wp-config
  • Extended Database security
  • Login and Registration security
  • Re-captcha for vulnerable forms
  • Lookdown for spambots on Comments
  • Secure Checkout for shops
  • Prevent hackers from injecting scripts
  • Brute-force protection, hotlinking, write access, …
  • Filter suspicious queries 
    => All this without slowing down your site or hocus pocus plugins

Additionally, we’ll also monitor your website for suspicious activity and provide ongoing security updates and maintenance to ensure your website remains secure.

With our WordPress security optimization service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your website is protected and secure, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

I will be happy to help you in getting the best possible security for your project !

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